Board Members

Daniel Greig, music director
Nancy Stevens, president & publicity chairperson
John Greco, Vice President 
Elizabeth Hundiak, secretary
Milo Fabian, treasurer
Mackenzie McNutt, at-large member
Karen Sivwright, at-large member

Executive Board Member Duties
Music Director: Responsible for artistic and musical direction of programs.

President: Promotes and represents the Chorus to the community, oversees activities of the Board, presides over all meetings of the Chorus and its Board, appoints cabinet members as needed, and keeps a close relationship with the director, accompanist and other members of the Executive Board.

Vice-President: Reports to the President and assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence, assumes the duties of Publicity Chairperson and assists other Board members as needed.

Treasurer: Reports to the President and the Board, collects all funds generated from dues and all other projects which generate income, records all income and expenses, verifies member count to dues collected, prepares financial reports for the Board and attends all Board meetings.

Secretary: Reports to the President and the Board, records minutes at Board meetings, types letters, reports, and performs other secretarial duties, and coordinates member counts with the Treasurer.

Cabinet Member Duties
Concert Coordinator: Reports to the President, oversees all phases of concert planning, preparation, and performance, and enlists members to oversee designated areas of each concert, including:
  • Publicity
  • Ad Sales
  • Tickets
  • Recording and Television
  • Printed Program
  • Staging
  • Hospitality
  • Facilities
Section Leaders: Report to the President, take attendance at each rehearsal and performance, check on absenteeism of members, follows up as necessary.